Tito Salomoni Jewish Art


Tito Salomoni loved his studies of Jewish religion. He did a series of surrealistic paintings incorporating the themes of Judaism within them. They are displayed here for the first time. The Exodus graphic hung in Menachem Begin’s Office.

Note: All of the artworks of Tito Salomoni are strictly copyrighted. No one may use any of his images without first obtaining written permission from Prestige Art Galleries, Inc. All violations will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

All images are now available as high quality fine art Giclee graphics. These rich and vibrant graphics are available on 100% Museum paper in custom sizes. Please contact me for a custom quote. A 20” x 24” sized Giclee retails for around $100.00.


The Exodus-Available Hand-Signed on 100% Museum Paper image sized 20” x 30” plus margins  $100.00

Bar Mitzvah

The Synagogue of Dreams


Peace For Israel

The Tower Of Babel


We welcome you to the Surrealistic World of Tito Salomoni. A private world filled with exciting dreams and fantasies, where everyday objects are given new meanings and it is up to the you the viewer to interpret these compelling images.

What Mr. Salomoni does best it to see inside objects beyond walls and mere fabrics, beyond the very flesh and bone structure of man to extract the essence, the thoughts and counter play of illusions. He digs into space and time opening objects with the curiosity of a child who breaks his toy to discover the secrets hidden in its mechanism which are so much more fascinating that the external appearance. Thereafter he stands outside time and creates endless links with the tangible world, the world which he sees and wants to reveal to us.

“I try in my art to create new worlds pregnant with meanings that are at first glance mysterious and yet somehow compelling, beckoning the viewer to step into them using your minds eye and intellect to un-lock the hidden meanings in my art. One of my greatest pleasures is hearing how other people interpret my images. I love to hear the stories given to my art and hear how each person brings a part of their own life to my works, almost as if I have been able to open a door into their mind.”

There are however no perfect solutions or answers to Mr. Salomoni’s art. It is destined to remain eternally unsolved and questioned. Even if the handle to the door is half opened we are no meant to truly see fully in the that “other side, “ for as we change so will our interpretations of his art.

A textbook definition of surrealism is everyday objects placed in un0everyday surroundings. Unfortunately many artist go about placing strange objects anywhere in their paintings and falsely expect a fine surrealistic artwork to appear. Tito explains, ‘ They are missing the point. When I create each object must have a specific meaning in relationship to the unique world that I am creating on canvas. That is why viewers are able to see direct ties to the objects in my art. It takes time and thought but the hidden meanings and stories come forth.”

Many people experience a feeling of Deja Vu when viewing Mr. Salomoni’s art for the the first time, as if they have seen it before. For within his art is the presence of the great forefathers of surrealism; De Chirico, Magritte,Escher and Dali all uniquely blended together by the talent skill and imagination of this one great master, Tito Salomoni.