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The Surrealistic World of Tito Salomoni
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All images are now available as high quality fine art Giclee graphics. These rich and vibrant graphics are available on 100% Museum paper in custom sizes. Please contact me for a custom quote. A 20 x 24” image sized Giclee retails for around $100.00.
The original full color 32 page book on his art is still available through our gallery for only $15 shipped U.S.A.file://localhost/Users/louis/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Originals/2000/AVISSE%20and%20Tito%20IMAGES/IMG002BUILD%20A%20FLOWER.JPG

The Carousel- Also a loved image, available as a rare hand-Signed poster $50.00 unsigned $25.00

To Build A Rainbow. One of Tito’s most famous and popular images. Poster image size is a large 20” x 30 plus margins...$25.00 Signed $50.00

The Museum of Tito Salomoni Each evening his favorite paintings come alive, the mother on the front left watching her baby still in the painting.

The House of Cards

The Queen Of Hearts

Past, Present and Future

Space Birth

Next Stop, Earth

Universal Dream

The Fragile Past

The Hand Of Time

Treasures of the Earth

Peering Into the Future

The New Performance-done in 1981 very prophetic.

The Maze of Life- a large 30”x 40’ poster $25.00 limited quantity.

Production Line Lunchbreak

Caged Dreams

The Gamble of Creation

Circus Dreams

Museum Illusions

All images are now available as high quality fine art Giclee graphics. These rich and vibrant graphics are available on 100% Museum paper in custom sizes.

Please contact me for a custom quote.

A 20” x 24” image sized Giclee retails for around $100.00.



Tito Salomoni was born in 1928 and passed in 1989. He first approached our gallery with his Trompe L'oeil (to fool the eye) photo realistic still life's in 60’s. These were very detailed compositions but we later learned they were merely a tool for Tito to hone his artistic skills. He wanted to become a great painter so he could be a great artist.

One day he told my father what he really had wanted was to become a Surrealistic painter. My father asked what that meant and Tito showed him examples of his new works. They were very scary and dark. A lot of bones, blood and somber themes. As they talked my father was worried that these dark images would not sell well in our suburban gallery, besides they did not reflect Tito’s bright and warm personality at all. My father explained to Tito, “Even Opera has comedies and lighter themes. You are such a happy person why are you painting only such tragic themes?”

Tito immediately understood and he began to paint what we called the “balance.” In a years work there were perhaps 10 to 12 paintings and half were darker and half lighter themed. We were able to sell them all, many to clients who at first were turned off by one or the other concept. Collectors quickly began collecting all of his art.

As I matured I became close friends with Tito and he told me it was much easier for him to paint than to constantly come up with concepts and themes for new works. I explained to him that I had some ideas for paintings that I would write down for him in detail. Of the suggestions I gave him perhaps one third of his paintings came from my concepts and ideas. Often we would talk about and sketch them before Tito would commit to paint my idea. I also appear in over half a dozen paintings.

Tito was once asked if he and his lovely wife Anna had any children, he paused smiled and pointed to his paintings. Once in his studio in Italy he was finishing a painting and he allowed me to watch him paint, something he rarely did. It was a very humbling moment, as he mixed his colors while we talked and began to paint a glass jar over a doll he had just finished in the painting. As the jar took form I realized his complete mastery of techniques. Creating a glass object that was both translucent, opaque, transparent and solid in mere moments actually took my breadth away. His artistic mastery was so refined his skill so perfect he could create anything he could conceive of on canvas.

Years later as new generations discover his art they too marvel at his talents. Many of his earlier works dealing with space, and computers have proved to be just as timely and thought provoking as when they were created over 30 years ago.

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