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As a third generation fine art dealer I have been in the art business my entire life. My grandfather began selling art pre war in Holland. He remembered selling original paintings by Vincent Van Gogh for under $1,000 guilders. The gallery in Holland grew after the war in Amsterdam and my father Bernard and mother Betty began selling art in 1960 first in Chicago and then in Skokie at our present location.

Traveling to Europe every summer as a child I was introduced to many fine artist’s studios. Visiting Holland, France, England, Spain, and other countries I learned first hand about many aspects of the art world. I have been working in the art gallery ever since. I also taught graphic art including etching and lithography, helping to refine the hand Color-Viscosity Inking process for etchings.

At 16 I was traveling alone through Europe and buying fine art for the gallery. The knowledge and experiences gained over 40 + years, are now reflected in our business.

I attended and passed the International Society of Appraisers courses in 1998 and continue to offer professional Fine Art Appraisals to clients and insurance companies. My expertise includes antique paintings, bronzes, graphics, contemporary art works, fine art posters, Delft and Rozenberg porcelains and Tiffany. I enjoy lecturing on art as well.

My Custom Framing expertise spans my lifetime of knowledge. I bring to your art those skills making every art work look it’s very best. Using museum quality mats and glass we can also preserve the long term value of better quality art works, while not over charging for this service. No matter what you might be framing we bring the same expertise and quality to every object.

Our reputation in the art world is very important to us and our clients. We have always offered fine art works that are of the highest quality.

Currently we are focusing on bringing to you reasonably priced beautiful art works from new artist’s gathered worldwide.



Name: Louis Schutz

Status: Married to Judy

Hometown: Skokie, Il


847-322-4756 cell

(no Solicitations)


Judy has been working with me in the gallery since we were married.

She is also a REAL ESTATE BROKER through Century 21


Anna is an actor and singer with a B.F.A. for Theatre from the University of Illinois. Engaged to Phil Martin.

Laura is working in a sheltered workshop. Born with Prader-Willi. She is a very special girl who loves, people, pets, horseback riding and fishing.

I am an avid fisherman. Interested in fishing?

Above: Anna Schutz

Below: Laura Schutz